Communication is the cornerstone of human civilization, an integral part of doing business, and a crucial part of individuals interacting with each other. Since before writing existed, story-telling was a major art form. It informed. It entertained. It kept us alive and vibrant.

Valhalla Consulting embraces the power of communication, especially in the form of the written word. More importantly than being just a core part of our business, communication is our passion.

We realise that not everyone shares this passion, but no one can deny the importance of suitably targeted communication for businesses and individuals. From that killer book that will just leap off the bookshelves and into the readers' hands, to succinct presentation of technical details in design documents and theses, to clear and concise user manuals, the power of communication comes not just from the information, but rather from a correctly targeted approach to the presentation of that information.

The audience of creative and technical writing must be properly identified in order to best present the story or information in an entertaining or usable manner.

Combining strong verbal communication skills with strong writing skills is a major part of Valhalla Consulting's philosophy. We understand that not all technical people are able to communicate to the level required. We also understand that not all creative writers wish to waste their time with annoying technology that gets in the way of their storytelling craft. This is not seen by us as a failing, but rather as a fact of life - we each have different strengths. We see it as an opportunity for us to provide value to our customers in a niche market.

What sets Valhalla Consulting apart from other Publishing and Technical Writing resources? We feel it is our philosophy. In particular:


Practical Experience

Years of practical experience in the Engineering and IT industries. We understand the pitfalls and importance of communication in the real world, not just as an abstract concept.


A Storytelling Spirit

Having the blood of a poet and storyteller coursing through our veins helps us to understand the passion and majesty of the creative process. We understand how important your story is to yourself and to the world you wish to share it with. We honour and respect this throughout the publishing process.


Fast Learning

Auto-didactic skills - learning as much as is needed, as quickly as possible, to get the job done. We believe that in order to write about it, we must understand it adequately. Nothing is taken for granted, as assumptions can lead to nasty surprises and miscommunication.


Your Business

A keen appreciation of business drivers - technical documentation is often neglected when schedules and budgets are tight. Good technical writing is about harnessing the power of the products, technologies and people at our disposal in the most effective way within business constraints. The right solution will improve productivity, empower employees and realise efficiencies.


The KISS Principle

Publishing is a means to an end. Technical writing is a tool. They must add value without overly increasing the burden on individuals and businesses. If it is all "just too difficult" then we aren't doing it right.



Empathy. This is often overlooked as a quality required by communicators. A strong understanding of the needs of the client (that's you) and the needs of the target audience is a crucial part of delivering a great book or useful and usable documents.