If you are looking for a publisher to bring your words or images out into the world, why not drop us a message and we can talk. We would love to take on the challenge of transforming your words and/or images from rough or semi-polished manuscript into a published book that you (and we) can be proud of.

We live in an age where technology can allow us all to become published authors. Valhalla Consulting can help by being able to tame the technology that stands between you and that achievable dream of publishing your work. Confused about any of the following? So were we. But we managed to muddle through, and learn a few things in the process…

  • Getting an ISBN for your book
  • Formatting the book so that it looks good both as an e-book and in print (nearly impossible for poetry; grumble, grumble…)
  • Getting your book up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, etc.
  • Setting the margins correctly so the text doesn’t disappear behind your fingers or into the spine when in print
  • Formatting the front and back cover and all of the guff at the front
  • Formatting the book so your print-on-demand printer is happy (bleeds, trims and safe areas; colour profiles; file formats; etc.)
  • How much it will cost
  • Getting published.


Books Available For Purchase

Real Books

Below are books written by Peter Walder, available for purchase in paperback format:


The books written by Peter Walder are also available for purchase as eBooks (in Adobe Acrobat pdf format):