Greetings and salutations. Welcome to the Valhalla Consulting website. My name is Peter Walder, and I am the owner and principal consultant of Valhalla Consulting. The company provides the following services to a wide variety of clients, ranging from large public companies to private individuals:

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Desktop publishing has now gotten to the point where it is possible for anybody to become a published author. These are exciting times. Alas, they can also be confusing times. As a self-published author, this writer can tell you that there are many pitfalls to publishing your own written work. The fun part of writing is the actual writing (usually). Then comes the annoying part in the middle - the publishing process - standing between you and your reading audience. That's where Valhalla Consulting can help.

Then there's the world of technical writing. Technical writing is primarily concerned with two things - gathering the required information from subject matter experts, and identifying the target audience of the documentation. Good technical writing is all about writing useful and usable documents that communicate information in a suitable way to the target audience.

At Valhalla Consulting, communication is a passion, especially in the written form. We love to tame the technology and connect writers to readers by streamlining the publishing process. We love the challenge of technical writing - gathering complex information and finding creative and effective ways to express it to the end users.

Technical writing is often overlooked and considered as secondary in importance. However, having the best products and services in the world does not help if their functionality and features are not communicated properly to the target audience. Valhalla Consulting can provide the technical writing and proofreading services required to gather the needed information and present it in the best way possible. From business cases, through to design specifications, user manuals, administration manuals and quick reference cheat sheets, we can support your project from beginning to end.

With over 20 years of experience in the IT and electrical engineering fields, I can personally guarantee that Valhalla Consulting can bring valuable skills to the table, and help to solve your publishing or writing issues.

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