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The amount of productivity lost due to poor documentation of procedures within a business can be significant.

Every time a new employee starts working for a business, they need to be "shown the ropes". All of the procedures that they need to follow should be very clear to the new employee, otherwise a large number of hours are wasted. Additionally, the new employee can feel stressed and demotivated by not having a clear idea of what it is they are meant to be doing, and how they should best be doing it.

Training of a new employee has further impacts on a business. At least one other employee must be taken off their assigned role in order to train the new employee. This can result in further reductions in productivity.

If an employee leaves a business, often they will have important knowledge about that business' procedures. Let's face it, the person doing the job usually knows best how to perform that job, especially if they have been in the role for a number of years. They will often have found the most efficient way of doing things. A business cannot afford to lose such valuable information.

If a business does not have a reasonable level of documentation of their procedures, the results are loss of productivity, greater difficulty in training new staff, and the loss of important procedural information as employees move on from the business.

Therefore, it is crucial to have clear and concise step-by-step instructions for the various procedures that each employee follows as part of their everyday work.

A further benefit of documenting work procedures is that business analysis can be conducted on the procedures, in order to identify inefficiencies and to improve workflows.

Whichever way you look at it, having a good technical writer to analyse and document work procedures within a business makes a whole lot of sense.

This is where Valhalla Consulting comes to the rescue. With over 20 years of technical writing experience and over 10 years of business analysis experience, we bring a lot of skills to the table.

Typically, the following procedure is employed by Valhalla Consulting:

  1. Interview staff to gather basic information about their role in the business.
  2. Collate the information and produce a functional organisational chart.
  3. Interview staff further to gather detailed information about the procedures they follow in order to perform their duties
  4. Collate the information and produce detailed step-by-step work instructions. This can include quick reference cheat sheets and swimlane-style flowcharts.
  5. Identify points where staff interact with each other.
  6. Analyse workflows and identify any inefficiencies or improvements that can be made.
  7. Deliver training manuals, user manuals, administration manuals, cheat sheets, flowcharts and all other related documentation for review by business stakeholders and staff.
  8. Incorporate feedback and produce final version of documentation.

This is the way to produce useful and usable documentation. Documentation should be practical, and should be aimed at the appropriate target audiences. This requires attention to detail, great verbal and written communication skills, and a careful and considered use of the English language.

Valhalla Consulting prides itself on their dedication to the delivery of quality documents that support a business in a real way, rather than just producing a few folders of paper that will end up gathering dust on a forgotten bookshelf somewhere.

Why not contact us for a quote? Our rates are very affordable, and our level of service is second to none.

As an added incentive, any orders placed during January to March 2017 will qualify for very generous "mates rates"...

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